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As an over active misunderstood kid, visual arts, drama, music, and dance played a huge part in Stacy’s genetic makeup. Today creative expression and freedom of movement serve as a backbone of her existence. A fashion makeup and hair artist for 20 yrs over three countries, Stacy found yoga was an antidote for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

After a long flirtation with Bikram, Kundalini, Iyengar and Hatha for many years, Stacy was finally introduced to Vinyasa flow and immediately fell head over heels in love with the practise.

A big fan of aligning, breath, movement, soulful insights, and music, Stacy aims to create a blissful class that that will invigorate the body, refresh the mind and soothe the soul.


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JESS ATKINSON -presently in Costa Rica

Before qualifying as a yoga teacher Jess was fully dedicated to meditation. After a few years, mostly spent seated with eyes closed, she realised that this peaceful practice was life changing in the best way, but to really shine from within and feel alive and grounded in this world you have to work with the physical body too. Yoga and meditation compliment each other perfectly, the mind and the body are so interconnected. Jess weaves this theme into her classes to create a powerful and meaningful practice.

“Yoga makes people happy! I teach because I love to see the awakening that this practice provides, I love to see students leave class relaxed and smiling and full of gratitude. For me that’s the magic of teaching, it’s never about the physical performance, it’s about creating a space for the opening of hearts and minds. Yoga is so nourishing on all levels, it’s an amazing way to take care of the body, and the benefits in the rest of your life are endless.”

After completing her 200hr training with Hot Yoga Auckland in 2013, Jess went on to complete a further 300hrs with Zuna Yoga in Bali in 2014. She has been teaching and living in Bali and Fiji for the past year and a half and has recently returned to NZ. She teaches hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, yoga nidra, and is also a qualified massage therapist and teacher of meditation.


Laura’s Yogic journey started as a bumpy ride 8 years ago, it wasn’t until a few years later when life presented some challenges that Laura found her practise.
“The stressful issues in my life didn’t dissolve, but withYoga I had the capacity, strength and ability to face them differently. The Yogapractise was key in releasing the mental barriers I had put on myself. The mental solace and guidance I gained lead to a more peaceful state to which I could finally sleep after 20 years of insomnia while growing stronger, more flexible, and empowered. As a side effect, difficult postures became easier.I believe in giving the body time to unwind after physical, mental and emotional exertion- all common themes in our current high-stress lives. Yoga encourages the body to move through any areas where we unconsciously “prop” or hold tension, however it shows up in our lives. Having a mindfulness practise like Yoga will protect the body in years going forward, and ensure safety and stability in other ways we choose to use our bodies.
I decided to teachyoga, because I want people to experience life to their fullest potential, and I know yoga helped me immensely with that.”

Erika Rodrigue

Erika is a natural teacher and lifelong learner, recently trained in Vinyasa on Auckland’s North Shore. Originally from the United States, she spent several years teaching preschool children through adults in environmental conservation and education. Erika is now combining her passion for teaching others with her newfound love for the practice of yoga. Yoga has been a catalyst in her personal physical and spiritual development, and she is excited about exploring the potential the practice has to connect people with the natural world. When not in studio, you can find her at the beach or in the bush with her camera in hand. Erika holds certification through the Yoga Alliance and Rainbow Kids Yoga.


Dawn Cansfield has been interested in Natural living and healing for many years.  “I brought my children up using Homeopathy and Naturopathy before these were household words and later in life extended this passion into formal training firstly as a Kinesiologist and then Yoga Therapy.  Kinesiology is based on Chinese Medicine and works with the “meridian system” the same points used in accupuncture and uses the bodys’ “bio-feedback” system through the muscles to gain information as to imbalances in the system and how to correct these imbalances.  I have been practicing yoga for 40 years and have now learned how to use this ancient system as a Therapeutic tool through the use of breathing, mantra, mudra and asana.  I run a small clinic on beautiful Herald Island where I live with my extended family including twin grandchildren”.

Helene Taito-Jensen

BA, 500 hr RYT, Dip Yoga, Certified Yoga and BODY-BALANCE Instructor & Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

Helene is a compassionate yoga teacher, who loves To share the ancient, but still relevant, teachings of hatha yoga with anyone interested. In her previous life she was a broadcast journalist at one of the largest radio networks in Denmark.

She herself stems from a rich cultural background with her mother being as Danish as they come and her father being an Iraqi exiled actor.

She has now settled in Auckland, New Zealand and lives a mostly peaceful life in a house at the waters edge. She continues to study and Discover all things yogic, and loves to share her passion for peace. Her practice and teachings are inspired by Satyananda yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, and restorative practices.