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Forever a student

Becoming a Yoga teacher and how it affects your practice
I would often see a blur of yoga pants and a teacher say how they wished they had time to attend a class as they gracefully rush by to the front of the room to teach.
Looking up from my supta baddah konasana (seated Yoga posture), I could never imagine giving up my daily slice of physical heaven.
In my dream world, the thought of teacher training would only mean a deeper, more fruitful understanding of a love I nurture every day (my practice).
When I decided to do Teacher Training, I found it incredible! Hours upon hours of doing all my favourite things in the world. A new yet familiar world appeared before my eyes. The increasing content and homework didn’t seem to stop. I entered the deeper sanctum of the Yoga teacher’s world. The newbie teachers started to confess to me; how they struggled, how horrible Teacher Training was. It was too much content, a real turn-off from the enjoyment of Yoga. Shocked, the thought of losing my inner sanctuary rocked me to my core. Did I make a mistake? Was it better to be a student? At that moment, I decided all I wanted; was to be a student. To know my passion more thoroughly to have a deeper connection to something that had given me so much. I wasn’t planning on teaching. I learned a lot of practitioners that had the training but didn’t teach.
As it turns out, I found out that my learning style of education was tactile; through doing. Jumping into the deep end and learn how to swim. Quickly.
Then surprisingly, I found teaching class was beneficial. It was starting to embed the yogic knowledge into my system. All of a sudden, I became full of content! Being the teacher taught me how to learn different aspects of the practice, I couldn’t swallow by a formalized system alone. I realize by being a teacher; I was always going to be a forever student.


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